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Critique Corner: Mystery / Detective

Cover Critique: Cellphone Mystery by James Copeland Private Detective, Frank Hawthorn sits in a jail cell wondering why! He didn’t know the people he had been accused of killing nor how his fingerprints had gotten on the gun, even though it was his gun that did it. In desperation, Hawthorn sees he has to solve…

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Critique Corner: Sci-Fi-Science fiction / fantasy

Cover Critique: Erteisia by Linda Lofts-Wiles ERTEISIA Ultimate-Sacrifice Synopsis Massive upheavals in the universe caused by Orion’s domination over humanity, result in eons of bloody and brutal warfare between Orion’s Ch’hogs and the vulnerable yet determined humans. His second in command, the ruthless henchman Xag, along with his army of Ch’hogs, have ravaged planet Earth…

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