Critique Corner: Dark Poetry

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Cover Critique for author Rie Sheridan Rose


Here are some previous versions



Critique corner by Tamian Wood:

Thanks for participating Rie,
Looking back at some of the previous versions, they appeared to be sort of smoke on water. This aspect was appealing as it looked more like a tunnel with water. I like this current version a bit more from a colour/contrast standpoint, but I have to call attention to the elephant in the room. As your critiquer, it's my job to have a professionally filthy mind. Without the lower half being rippled a bit (like water) the whole thing looks a touch ... dare I say?... Vag... er, let's say "lower lady bits"esque. Egads!
Without saying anything about my thought, I asked a trusted colleague what he thought it looked like... *Cringe* He came up with the same word.
Also, I'm not crazy about the Hell font. It's too kitchy. And in comparison, the rest of the text is too plain. It's good to have one decorative font, and one more sedate, so good instinct there, but these fonts don't work together. Maybe a blackletter font like Fancy Card for the word "Hell" along with a more classic serif font like Cinzel Decorative might work better. Just be careful that anything you collect from this site is completely free, and not just "free for personal use."
Thanks again for participating Rie.  🙂 Best of luck with your project!

Tamian Wood
Graphic Designer
Beyond Design International
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