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Here are the answers to the burning questions I know you are dying to ask...

How much will it cost? And, how long will it take?

The answer is, every design project is different. But these are some basic cover design packages to give you a ballpark idea. What's the asterisk (*) for? In a word, Expenses. What are Expenses? Nothing sinister, just the usual costs that go along with designing a cover. You'll find some general information about Expenses, scheduling and turnaround in the Frequently Asked Questions section below. Keep scrolling for info on page design prices...

Pre-Made e-book Cover

$195 each*
  • Choose from a wide variety of Pre-Made e-book covers
  • Exclusively yours

Simple Front Cover

$495 each*
  • Typesetting on a single image supplied by you
  • Add a Back Cover and Spine for a print ready paperback or hardback

Custom Front Cover

$995 each*
  • Unique Custom Cover
  • Typeset Title and Text
  • Add a Back Cover and Spine for a print ready paperback or hardback

Add Back Cover & Spine

$300 each*
  • Complimentary Back Cover Design
  • Typeset Back Cover Text
  • Typeset Spine

Frequently Asked Questions

What my clients are saying...

Book Interior Page Design and Layout Prices

How much should it cost for page design and layout? That depends on what type of book you are producing and how complex your pages are.

Below are some standard prices for book design, based on designing a typical book in each of the five categories of page design. This will give you a rough idea of what costs to expect for the design and layout of your interior pages.

Since every project is uniquely different these are only guidelines. Please feel free to request a quote for your book specifically by using the form on my Contact page. Tell me a bit about your book, and I’ll be happy to send you a quote promptly.

For a full explanation of the terms Simple, Complex Text, Complex Text and Images and Illustrated Children's Book, and to see design samples of those categories, please visit my Page design samples section.

Simple pages (novel, black ink only, no images or special text treatments) – $1,250 for 250 pages (appx $5/page)
Complex Text pages (nonfiction - black ink only - with special text treatments and appendices.) – $2,250 for 250 pages (appx $9/page)
Complex Text and Images pages (illustrated fiction or nonfiction, -full color, - memoirs, art/photography books, coffee table books, ) – $3,500 for 250 pages and 100 images (appx $14/page)

Complex Technical Textbook pages (non-fiction - black or colour - technical manuals and/or educational text books, with special text treatments, diagrams, tables, figures and appendices.)  Contact me for a quote 

Children’s book with printed paperback cover (32 color pages with print-ready illustrations supplied - Color cover included) - $1,795
Children’s book with printed hardcover and dust jacket (32 color pages with print-ready illustrations supplied - Color hardcover and dust jacket included) - $2,195

eBook conversion
I can also help you get your print book converted into digital editions (eBooks for Kindle and other eReaders), by recommending a professional conversion service.

As you shop for book design services, you’ll see that few designers offer such complete services for authors and publishers. Read what my clients say about my work, and be confident that you’ll receive prompt personal service and a book you’ll be proud of. Also know that my years of experience can help you avoid costly pitfalls.

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