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Tips on book interior design. Volume IV

This month I’ve been discussing the basics of formatting your book interior. Welcome to volume IV. As a recap of the last few weeks: Tip #1 – Match your half title and/or title page to your cover. Tip #2 – Check your document for Widows & Orphans. Tip #3 – Know the order in which…

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Tips on book interior design. Volume II

3 – Front matter and back matter. Unlike dark matter or plasma matter, these are not NASA space terms. Front matter and Back matter are a group of specific textual items that should/could appear in front of (front matter) and in back of (back matter) your manuscript text. The Chicago Manual of Style lists 16 front and…

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Tips on book interior design. Volume I

Creating your books interior might seem easy. You might think, “Well, I’ll just upload my Word manuscript,” and Bob’s your Uncle! You’ve got a book! Uh, no. (not even sure you CAN do that, but if you could, I wouldn’t recommend it.) Keep in mind, your book, both inside and out, is competing with books designed…

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