Title Typography – 8 Rookie mistakes that scream DIY Volume III

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All this month I’ve been going over 8 rookie mistakes in title (and by line) typography. Here’s the recap from weeks 1 and 2:

#1 – Using white, black, primary yellow, primary red, primary blue 
#2 – Using flat, solid colour text
#3 – Text too close to the edge
#4 – Using too many fonts

Feel free to do a search for “Title Typography” if you’d like the details on those topics. Moving on to this weeks tips:

#5 – Text that doesn’t fill the space
Many beginning artists start by drawing a tiny object on a large piece of paper. You probably did this yourself in the first grade. Just as many newbie cover designers tend to use small text for their title (and especially their author name.) Now, I don’t mean that the title should span from edge to edge. (remember our discussion from last week about the 1/4 – 1/2″ safety zone.) I just mean you should use the space wisely keeping balance and breathing space in mind.

#6 – black stroke outline
There’s really not much I can say about this mistake, except, please don’t. Just don’t. Take a look at the included image, and recognize how BAD it really is and never do it again. Find another way to make your text stand out. Could it be larger? Could it be thicker? Could it be a beefier font? Could your background be cleaned up so your title doesn’t fight with it? There HAS TO BE a better way.

Can you spot the final two? You might be able to guess, but shhhhh, don’t spoil it for the rest. Back atcha next week for the final two tips. (yes, I know “atcha” isn’t a real word. Don’t shoot the designer! 😁)