What NOT to include on your cover. Volume III

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Welcome all, to the final Volume of "What NOT to include on your cover!" Lets jump right in with a recap of Vols I and II:

1 Don't include paragraphs of text.
2 Don't include a bunch of stickers, banners and awards.
3 Don't use lots of different fonts for each element.
4 Don't clutter up the entire space.

And finally:

- Don't use just any image you find on the internet. First, they may not be legal to use, (you must have legal permission to use an image) and second, images on the internet are far too low in pixel quality for proper print resolution.

- Above all, resist the urge to include the spinning cat, tanning salon and taco truck, even if they are extremely important to your story. (that sentence actually makes more sense if you re-read Vol. I 🙂 ) It is not necessary to include every person, place or thing that happens IN your book, ON your cover.

I hope that's helpful!

If you are unsure of any of this, you might consider hiring a professional. Some of us are pretty good at what we do. And we don't bite. 🙂

As always, feel free to jump in below to let me know what topic you'd like me to cover next month. And if you have any questions, drop me a line. I'm happy to help.